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Tip: There is a lot of information to express. Practice and change the script to your liking, talk slowly, articulate, and check with the customer service person on the line to make sure they're understanding you. It will help to become familiar with the information on the "For Investors" page.
Hello, may I speak with someone from the Investor Relations department?

Hi, I'm a (student/retiree/church-goer/concerned investor) and I would like to provide urgent information and express concern regarding your shares in Kinder Morgan, ticker symbol KMI, and El Paso Partners, ticker symbol EPB. It'll only take a minute.

Kinder Morgan's subsidiary, El Paso, is currently building a $341 million dollar project called the Tennessee Pipeline Northeast Upgrade that could sink the company financially. It's being built in northeast Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey to transport gas from the Marcellus Shale to the east coast for proposed gas-fired power plants and liquefied natural gas export.

Due to the volatile commodity price of methane gas, severe permit delays, highly sensitive archeology finds, violations, fines, and most of all, mass acts of civil disobedience by local residents, the project is not likely to meet its November 1 in-service deadline, costing Kinder Morgan $9.1 million per month in lost contracts.

I have more information for you that's also available on our website. The web address is www.notennesseepipeline.org and you can check the "For Investors" page to review our analysis in more detail.
I'd like to encourage you to dump your shares of Kinder Morgan and if you're not sure, to contact their Investor Relations department to demand answers.
Are you ready for the number/e-mail?
(713) 369-9490
Thank you.
  • Highstar Capital LP
Phone: 646.857.8700
Fax: 646.857.8848
E-Mail info@highstarcapital.com
  • Carlyle Group LP
Head of Investor Relations, Michael Arpey
Phone 202.729.5626
E-mail media@carlyle.com
  • The Capital Group Companies (ask for Investor Relations)
Los Angeles
Chuck Freadhoff, +1-213-486-9988
New York
Ken Masson, +1-212-830-0149 
E-mail mediarelations@capgroup.com
  • The Vanguard Group, 877-662-7447 (ask for Investor Relations)
  • State Street Global Advisors (SPDR), 617-786-3000 (ask for Investor Relations)
  • MFS Utilities A, 800-225-2606 (ask for Investor Relations)
  • Fayez Sarofim & Co., 713.654.4484 (ask for Investor Relations)
  • Black Rock Equity Dividend, 212-810-5528 (ask for Investor Relations)

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