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Below are our past events as listed on our Events Page.

2/18/2013 -
10AM Rally at George Feighner's house against eminent domain and tree clearing on his property. 10 Mountain Rd. Montague NJ

2/22/2013 -
*Time Change* 5PM Vigil to Mourn Our Losses, at the intersection of Broad and Harford Streets in Milford PA, outside the former Yale Forestry School started by Gifford Pinchot, father of the American Conservation Movement. One week after tree clearing started, we must pause to hear the stories of the impacted residents. This is child/pet friendly.

2/23/2013 -
12:00 PM March Across the Milford Bridge, from Milford to Montague, across the Delaware River. Meet at the corner of Broad and Harford. This will remain on the sidewalks and shoulder of the road and is child/pet friendly.

2/24/2013 -
12:00 PM Interest meeting at Alex Lotorto's house just outside Milford PA, call 570-269-9589 for address. This is child/pet friendly.

2/26/2013 -
7:00AM - Milford, PA: Meet at the bottom of Cummins Hill Road, just after the I-84 overpass on the right. We will park on the shoulder where Tennessee Gas Has been parking their work trucks every morning after dangerously dropping their workers off on a blind turn up the mountain. It is legal for us to park on the shoulder there. Join us tomorrow as we park our vehicles in that area and make a statement to Tennessee Gas! Contact # 570-269-9589
12:00PM - Philadelphia, PA: Press Conference and Vigil at the Army Corps of Engineers Office

3/2/2013 SATURDAY at Noon! March Down Cummins Hill Road!

On Saturday March 2 at noon there will be a march down Cummins Hill Road, Milford PA starting at Crawford Hill Community (about 1.5 miles up from Rt 6/209) where you can park your car. Along this 1.5 mile downhill march, you will see the area that TGP plans to clear cut, see the beautiful scenic cliffs and EV streams.

The clearcut is currently only 150 feet from the road up the ridge (pictured). We've tied the trees with symbolic yellow ribbons in June and they are still standing - they were meant to be cut in November but have held out and hopefully we will be able to defend them from the chain saws forever. This march will help you understand why we are fighting so hard to protect this significant Milford landmark mountain. Please join us in this march. See for more details and information.

Families with children are encouraged to attend the march. We will have personal vehicles following the march slowly and we are working to arrange a police escort to provide traffic direction. There will be transportation provided back up the hill after the march is finished.
3/3/2013 -
The planning meeting at Alex and Greg's house has been moved from noon to 5pm in order to accommodate folks who will be doing actions to stop clearcutting during the work day. If you'd like to join in those actions starting at 7am or need the address for the Lotorto's, please call 570-269-9589. We look forward to seeing everyone!

3/5/2013 -
9:30 AM Meetup in the Ramapo College Student Center for solidarity march to the teach-in! Map:

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Teach-in, Ramapo Reservation Main Entrance. Ramapo Valley Road (Rte.202) in Mahwah: STOP THE TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE! Teach in to Connect The Dots Between Local Pipeline Impacts with Global Issues of Fracking, Extreme Energy, and Climate Change. No Pipelines! No Fracking! YES to an Immediate Transition to a Healthy, Sustainable Energy Future!

3/6/2013 -
*Location Change* 12:15 PM Delaware River Basin Commission Meeting, at the West Trenton Volunteer Fire Company # 1, Inc. 40 W. Upper Ferry Rd. W.Trenton, N.J. 08628. Come and tell them to STOP THE PIPELINE!

3/8/2013 -
8:00 PM (Brooklyn, NY) Earth First! Climbers Guild Benefit Show Come support Earth First's annual Climber's Guild rendezvous happening this year in late March. Without the skills taught by the Climber's Guild, the tree sit in Milford would not be possible. Listen to Earth First speakers talk about their experiences with environmental direct action and learn how to help in the fight for environmental justice.

Under Some Bridges (

Dave Haack (or Genuine Imitations)
Saturday, March 9th - Noon to 1pm - Rally At Tennessee Gas Pipelines Offices, Milford PA (Rte 6 and Rte 209) 
Kinder Morgan believes cutting our forests will take our spirit away - they are dead wrong - our community is much stronger than that.  The tree cutting through pristine areas and communities that began on Feb 15th has only inspired more actions and more people to get involved to speak out and act out against this arm of an unsustainable fossil fuel machine - that by the way - doesn't even have an Army Corps permit yet to dig and trench in Pennsylvania along the forests they just cut to lay the pipe!  We will rally together on Saturday to show Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan - we are not going away and they will not break our spirit or our resolve.  For more details contact 570-618-2145.  Bring along signs, your spirit and neighbors and friends.  This is a child/pet friendly event. 

Sunday, March 10th, 5pm - Stop Tennessee Gas Interest & Planning Meeting at the Lotorto's House, outside Milford PA.  For address contact 570-269-9589

Sunday March 10th, 6pm - Stop Tennessee Gas Interest & Planning Meeting, Bergen County, NJ 
Contact 201-321-1967 for more details

Saturday, March 16 at 10am
RALLY at the Tennessee Gas Pipeline office in Milford!
544 Rte 6 & 209, Milford PA (Parking available at Milford Township Municipal Building)
Contact 570-269-9589 with questions

Sunday March 17 at 5PM 

MEETING at Angels Backstreet Coffee,
611 Broad St. Milford PA (Located in back of the old 7th Street Coffee On Broad)
For all interested in joining and planning our efforts. For questions, contact 570-269-9589.
3/24/2013 - 3/30/2013 - Earth First! Spring Climb Guild Camp

Where: Finger Lakes region of NY (more info TBA), OUT OF YOUR HOUSES AND INTO THE TREES!

photo_ew_02 (1)
Expand your ability to defend your home, your community, and the wild by learning the technical skills involved in creating effective aerial blockades. The EF! Climbers’ Guild will offer the North East a variety of trainings for forest defense and urban actions suitable for all skill levels from beginner to advanced.
Workshops include: Basic Climbing and Anchoring, Traverses, Tree to Tree Transfers, Basic Structure Rigging and Haul Systems, Tripods, Bipods, and Monopods, Advanced Structure Rigging, Large Scale Banner Hanging, and Basic Rescue and Training Set Ups.

Saturday, March 30
A pipeline tour where the Tennessee Pipeline crosses the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey's High Point State Park will leave from the Deckertown Turnpike trail head at 10AM on March 30. Experts will discuss the impact on soils, vegetation, rare habitat, property values, tourism, and recreation. Participants should wear hiking shoes or boots and be prepared to hike 20 minutes each way on intermediate terrain. This tour is entirely on public park land.

The hike will be followed by a 12PM Strategy Discussion in Milford PA at Angels Backstreet Coffee, 611 Broad St, Milford PA. The discussion will be a space to hear about what our movement has accomplished so far, give feedback, and help plan for the future as pipeline construction continues. Angels' entrance is on the East John Street (left) side of the building looking from Broad St. A portion of Angels' and adjoining Calling All Angels Thrift Shoppe's proceeds goes towards the Ecumenical Food Pantry.
All newcomers are welcome!

Monday, April 1
We will be joining in National Fossil Fools Day actions on April 1 with more information on points to gather to be announced once we are aware of pipeline construction schedules. For more information call 570-269-9589 and check the Stop the Tennessee Pipeline! website at
To plan your own action for Fossil Fools Day, see this 2010 guide from Rising Tide.

April 1 - 12:30PM FOSSIL FOOLS DAY at the Tennessee Gas Pipeline office in Milford! Meetup to call their shareholders! If you can't make it see our Take Action page to make your calls!
544 Rte 6 & 209, Milford PA (Parking available at Milford Township Municipal Building)
Contact 570-269-9589 with questions

April 4 - 1:30PM DELIVER OUR RESPONSE at the Pike County Court House, Broad St, Milford PA. We will be delivering our response to TGP's complaint against us in their pursuit of a permanent injunction against civil disobedience.

April 5 - POETS ON MAIN at 620 Main St, Boonton NJ
5PM - Bobby's News & Gifts , Open mic. for poets of all ages and levels
8PM-8:30PM - "Wendie Goetz is performing an exo/performance poetry set. Her work can be found on iTunes or Reverbnation. Wendie's Words is a poetic musical experience. Enjoy words your soul feels. Be uplifted by the incredible, and simply beautiful compositions. Boonton High School 9th grade students have prepared original poetry and posters with a natural theme and are on display in shop windows. See

April 7 - Stop the Tennessee Pipeline! Sunday Meeting 3:30-5PM at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Pompton Lakes NJ

April 9 - Water Quality Monitoring and Analysis, 7PM Unitarian Fellowship Hall, 1 West Nelson St, Newton NJ
Ms. Faith Zerbe, Director of Monitoring for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, will be providing a public overview of ongoing water quality testing and analysis programs designed to protect the waters that flow through our Delaware River Basin. Topics include: Water quality monitoring and analyis, protecting the river basin, community participation and cooperation, impacts to your water due to industrial activities, ways to watchdog pipeline construction. Free of charge, light refreshements will be served. Sponsored by the Skylands Sierra Club Group. For information:

April 14 - Stop the Tennessee Pipeline! Sunday Meeting 3:30-5PM at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Pompton Lakes NJ

April 18 - Thursday, April 18th @ Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in DC! A coalition of pipeline fighters will converge on the FERC, when 5 commissioners meet to approve (and it's almost always to approve) new projects. If you're fighting gas infrastructure, wherever you live––The Seneca Storage Facilities, the Minisink Compressor Station, the Constitution pipeline, the Northeast Supply Link, the Tennessee Pipeline, the Spectra Pipeline, Rockaway or Harlem pipes, please JOIN US. Be there to put a human face on the projects they're rubber-stamping! FERC makes sure citizens are silenced by the way they ignore thousands of public comments and rubberstamp all these projects. And they literally silence the public by disallowing comment at these meetings. To make sure they get the message anyway, opponents will wear t-shirts stamped with their docket numbers (how FERC staff identify all projects). When they look up they'll see a united front from New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Rally and lobbying follow the meeting. More information:


The Essex/Passaic Greens is calling on individuals and other organizations to join us canvassing in Roseland and East Hanover the weekend right before Earth Day, April 20 and 21st. This is very appropriate because, unfortunately, work to build a new, 25,000 horsepower, natural gas compressor station in that area began a little over a week ago. Please be in touch if you can join with us on one of these days. We'll be canvassing from 11 am to 3 pm both days. If you can't do four hours but can do a couple, that'll be much appreciated.  We're meeting at the Essex County Golf Center, 600 Eagle Rock Ave in Roseland NJ at 10:30am both days.

The canvassing April 20-21 will be done as part of the growing national movement against fracking and for a truly clean and safe renewable energy future.  Please help us provide our fellow citizens in Roseland and East Hanover with information and the support that will help them take community action to protect their rights and their homes.

Questions?  Contact Ted Glick and 973-338-5398

April 21 - Stop the Tennessee Pipeline! Sunday Meeting *POSTPONED due to Earth Day programming and compressor station canvassing (see above)* 

April 27 - Triple Divide Film Screening - Milford PA
Join the Stop the Tennessee Gas Pipeline! campaign at the Milford Theater on Saturday, April 27th at 5pm for a barbecue to meet the filmmakers and 6pm for a screening of the new film Triple Divide!  We will be asking for a $5 to $10 donation at the door with a 50/50 raffle drawing after the screening. A question and answer period will follow. The address is 114 Catherine St. Milford PA 18337

For the movie trailer or to watch Triple Divide online, see

Before it gets to Milford and North Jersey, the Tennessee Pipeline stretches its way across Pennsylvania's northern tier where the most dense drilling in the Marcellus Shale is occurring. Gathering pipelines from hydraulically fractured, or "fracked" gas wells hook in along the way. Beginning at the Triple Divide, the Genesee, the Allegheny and the west branch of the Susquehanna — which ultimately flow north into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, southwest to the Gulf of Mexico and southeast to Chesapeake Bay, respectively — all rise in the same field in Potter County, referred to colloquially as "God's Country".

Melissa Troutman and Josh Pribanic provide an excellent investigative journalistic approach to the topic of shale gas with interviews of landowners on the frontline of the national controversy surrounding America's energy future.

April 28 - NJ Planning Meeting
(Every Sunday, to confirm future meetings call 607-348-5773)
3:30-5PM at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Rooms 203-204 of the Carnevale Center. Pompton Lakes NJ
 May 5 - PA Planning Meeting
(Every Sunday)
5PM-7PM Milford PA
Call or Text 570-269-9589 for resident’s address and to confirm future meetings.

Community Monitoring Trainings
May 11th, 10-1pm – Milford PA
May 20th, 5-7pm – Montague NJ

Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) has relied on trained volunteer monitors for over twenty years to help monitor and protect the sensitive streams, rivers and habitats that flow through the Delaware River Basin.  DRN currently supports about 70 stream stations in the Upper Delaware Basin alone where dedicated trained volunteers and landowners collect stream quality data on a monthly basis. For these pipeline watch trainings, DRN will teach participants a visual assessment that will be used to help document potential pollution originating from the Tennessee Gas Pipeline construction practices, especially during times of rain when sediment pollution can greatly affect the health of surrounding waterbodies.  By having a trained corps of local Pipeline Watchers on the ground and reporting issues to agencies, we can help hold these large corporations accountable when they pollute.  If you’d like to register for one of these workshops or learn more, contact DRN’s Monitoring Director at or call 215-369-1188 ext 110.
JUNE 6: Pete Seeger's Coming to Milford! More info at


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