Saturday, July 27, 2013

8/3 Organizers Retreat and 8/4 Pipeline Tour


On Saturday 8/3, all concerned community members are invited to our permitted campsite in the Delaware State Forest in Milford PA for an afternoon and evening of training, presentations on pipeline progress, and how we are fighting back. The retreat agenda will begin at 1PM, refreshments and dinner will be provided. There are spots for 10 individuals to camp at the site overnight. Additional camping can be found anywhere in the Delaware State Forest by following the PA DCNR rules for small group, primitive campsites. Housing in and around Milford PA is available for those who wish to sleep indoors or in a guest bed. Please RSVP to reserve your spot and receive directions by filling out this form.

On Sunday 8/4, a tour of Milford pipeline construction and the proposed Milford Compressor Station site will take place. Elected officials, media, and any interested community members are invited to join. The first portion of the tour will be a short walk on Rifle Range Rd in the Delaware State Forest beginning at 10:15am to view the construction through (Gifford) Pinchot Brook headwater wetlands and failed remediation practices from pipeline construction in 2011. The tour will not enter the pipeline right of way, so please bring binoculars and closed-toe hiking shoes if you choose to leave the road into intermediately difficult terrain. Following the hike, a driving tour of the area will show the proposed Milford Compressor site location, the Milford Pipe Yard, the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) pad for boring underneath I-84 and the Delaware River, and end atop Cummins Hill Rd where residents have been fighting to stop the destruction of their scenic ridge tops and loss of their property values. Please RSVP by filling out this form. 

      The Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Upgrade (TGP NEUP) Project, when completed, will make the Tennessee Pipeline the largest “artery” transporting methane gas from the most densely drilled region of the Marcellus Shale. Methane from shale gas is developed using the controversial method of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”. Thousands of wells with almost as many environmental, health, and safety violations cited by state regulators have been drilled. Each uses millions of gallons of water, thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals, and hundreds of tons of dangerous silica sand surrounding the homes and businesses of our northeast Pennsylvania neighbors.

    The TGP NEUP includes 30" pipeline loops, adding volume to the aging Tennessee Pipeline system and increasing the incentive for thousands more “fracked” wells in northeast Pennsylvania. The existing system transports methane gas and was constructed in
Cummins Hill Rd - Milford PA, February 2013
the 1950s, presenting a danger of aging and corrosion. The project is currently under construction in Bradford, Wayne, and Pike County, Pennsylvania and Sussex, Passaic, and Bergen Counties in northern New Jersey. Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. is a subsidiary of El Paso, which was acquired in 2012 by Kinder Morgan, the third largest energy company in the United States.

     The environmental footprint, which did not receive an Environmental Impact Study, includes 450 acres to be cleared, 90 streams, and 136 wetlands. In addition, numerous compressor stations must be expanded to push the gas through the pipe which creates air pollution.     In the winter and spring, hundreds of concerned community members organized marches, vigils, trainings, tours, and even civil disobedience in the way of clearcutting.

     Currently, five local concerned citizens are fighting an injunction placed upon them for civil disobedience actions they participated in near Milford, PA. They have entered a lawsuit of their own against Kinder Morgan for wetland violations and the Lenne Lenape Nation's
Cummins Hill Rd - Milford PA, July 2013
Sand Hill Band is suing because they were not consulted prior to construction, in violation of their treaty rights.

     Despite our filings in the courts and with regulators, Kinder Morgan's tree clearing and trenching equipment presses on.


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