Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear FERC: We The People Do Not Approve!

Many folks traveled down to Washington DC for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission meeting today who have been involved in the Tennessee and Millenium Pipeline fights, including the Minisink Compressor Station in Orange County, NY.

FERC is the Obama-appointed commission that decides the fate of people and property owners who live in the path of Big Energy infrastructure like intrastate gas pipelines, including eminent domain condemnation.

FERC did not order an Environmental Impact Study and allowed only a limited Environmental Assessment of the Tennessee Pipeline Northeast Upgrade using the company's own research.

FERC denied Delaware Riverkeeper Network's request for a re-hearing following expert analysis that the pipeline irreparably harms soils and wetlands. FERC also denied the re-hearing request for the Minisink Compressor compressor station.

Finally, FERC is a perfect example of how government and multinational corporations work in lock-step with one another against the interests of the people who are in their path. It operates far from the ideal "consent of the governed".

Thank you to those who made it!

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