Saturday, April 20, 2013

April-May Newsletter Now Available!

Below you will find an excerpt from the Stop the Tennessee Pipeline! April-May Newsletter regarding upcoming events. A PDF version of the Newsletter can be found at this link! Feel free to forward this blog post or print the PDF version to distribute at this week's Earth Day events!


Triple Divide Film Screening - April 27, Milford PA
Join the Stop the Tennessee Gas Pipeline! campaign at the Milford Theater on Saturday, April 27th at 5pm for a barbecue to meet the filmmakers and 6pm for a screening of the new film Triple Divide!  We will be asking for a $5 to $10 donation at the door with a 50/50 raffle drawing after the screening. A question and answer period will follow. The address is 114 Catherine St. Milford PA 18337

For the movie trailer or to watch Triple Divide online, see

Before it gets to Milford and North Jersey, the Tennessee Pipeline stretches its way across Pennsylvania's northern tier where the most dense drilling in the Marcellus Shale is occurring. Gathering pipelines from hydraulically fractured, or "fracked" gas wells hook in along the way. Beginning at the Triple Divide, the Genesee, the Allegheny and the west branch of the Susquehanna — which ultimately flow north into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, southwest to the Gulf of Mexico and southeast to Chesapeake Bay, respectively — all rise in the same field in Potter County, referred to colloquially as "God's Country".

Melissa Troutman and Josh Pribanic provide an excellent investigative journalistic approach to the topic of shale gas with interviews of landowners on the frontline of the national controversy surrounding America's energy future.

Upcoming Community Monitoring Trainings

May 11th, 10-1pm – Milford PA
May 20th, 5-7pm – Montague NJ

Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) has relied on trained volunteer monitors for over twenty years to help monitor and protect the sensitive streams, rivers and habitats that flow through the Delaware River Basin.  DRN currently supports about 70 stream stations in the Upper Delaware Basin alone where dedicated trained volunteers and landowners collect stream quality data on a monthly basis. For these pipeline watch trainings, DRN will teach participants a visual assessment that will be used to help document potential pollution originating from the Tennessee Gas Pipeline construction practices, especially during times of rain when sediment pollution can greatly affect the health of surrounding waterbodies.  By having a trained corps of local Pipeline Watchers on the ground and reporting issues to agencies, we can help hold these large corporations accountable when they pollute.  If you’d like to register for one of these workshops or learn more, contact DRN’s Monitoring Director at or call 215-369-1188 ext 110.

Upcoming Meetings

April 28 - NJ Planning Meeting
(Every Sunday, to confirm future meetings call 607-348-5773)
3:30-5PM at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Rooms 203-204 of the Carnevale Center. Pompton Lakes NJ

May 5 - PA Planning Meeting
(Every Sunday)
5PM-7PM Milford PA
Call or Text 570-269-9589 for resident’s address and to confirm future meetings.

Upcoming Direct Actions

Many acts of direct action, such as civil disobedience, have been used to block tree clearing of the Tennessee Pipeline right of way so far. If you would like to get involved in direct actions or support roles contact Alex Lotorto at 570-269-9589.


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