Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lockdown in Ringwood, NJ

activists in RIngwood NJ locked down

Locked down between two hundred year old Maple trees, two New Jersey residents are blocking the destruction of the final stand of trees in the Tennessee Gas Pipeline right-of-way.  They have so far stopped work for the day, and police are on the scene conferring with workers about how to proceed.  Please donate for bail, we need the support!

Matt Smith of Wanaque, NJ and Jerome Wagner of Wayne, NJ are committed to remaining on site for as long as it takes to defend the one-mile stretch of forest and wetlands in the foothills along the Monksville Reservoir.
The civil disobedience is one in a series of ongoing actions to “Stop The Tennessee Gas Pipeline” - a non violent direct action campaign of citizens and communities from Pennsylvania to New Jersey who refuse to accept the destruction of land, risks to water, threats to public health and safety, and accelerated climate disruption that will come from the construction of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline.  

Ruth Adams, retired educator and librarian from West Milford has been part of the campaign in NJ from the onset.  “For many of my 71 years, I've contributed to the Arbor Day Foundation because I feel strongly that healthy trees are vital for a healthy planet.  Now, I see how many thousands of trees Tennessee Gas is wantonly destroying.  They are doing it to make way for a new pipeline that would transport gas obtained by fracking, which is ruining the lives of countless families throughout the country, including many of our neighbors in Pennsylvania.  These multinational corporations are being allowed to destroy our beautiful countryside, pollute our air and destroy our drinking water, all in the name of profit.  I want there to be a healthy world for my grandchildren to live in and I'm willing to commit my life to that goal.”
Jerome Wagner, father of 3 and environmental engineer from Wayne, NJ comments: “If the fossil fuel industry gets it’s way we will have little reason to pursue clean energy alternatives. One way or another, our business-as-usual model of fossil fuel use must come to an end. Efforts to stop the pipeline through political and legal means have not succeeded. Tree clearing is nearing completion, both here in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania. Added destruction is just around the corner - blasting, ditching, drilling. I refuse to stand idly bye while our land and drinking water are sacrificed for corporate profit. Physically standing in the path of the work is the only way left to me. So that is what I am doing, because there is no Planet B for us.
As of 9:00 AM activists had successfully locked down to equipment on the site, and were halting tree cutting.  They have vowed to stay on the site as long as they physically can to prevent the project from going forward.

Below is a shot of the Tiger Cat on the scene yesterday.  If you would like to show support at the action, or you are media reading this who want to cover the story the action is happening at 1124 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Ringwood, NJ.

tiger cat in ringwood nj

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