Friday, March 1, 2013


With tree clearing now well under way, The Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company is preparing to blast through our communities, beautiful old growth forests, and critically sensitive water bodies and wetlands, all in the name of maximized profits for the fossil fuel industry.  Yet as we bear witness to this destruction we are also sowing the seeds of a young but growing resistance. 
Last Monday, one day after the largest climate rally in US history, two brave activists from Pennsylvania and New Jersey put their bodies on the line to stop construction of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline.  Two more activists have since followed their lead, engaging in courageous tree-sits that are saving sections of the pristine forests along the proposed pipeline route.  And as more and more communities across the planet begin to connect the dots of their own grievances, we will continue building bridges across our regional and issue based campaigns, forging a unified and powerful movement to reclaim our basic human right to steward the water, air and land we all depend on.

Looking forward to next week there are several ways you can support the campaign to Stop The Tennessee Gas Pipeline!

On Tuesday, March 5th join us for a Stop The Tennessee Gas Pipeline! Teach-in.  We’ll hear from local educators and community leaders working on the frontlines of this issues and empower ourselves to connect the dots between local pipeline impacts with the global issues of fracking, extreme energy, and climate change.  The teach-in is from 10am to 12pm at The Ramapo Reservation main entrance off Ramapo Valley Road (Rte.202) in Mahwah.

Then on Wednesday, March 6th join us at the Delaware River Basin Commission meeting to deliver a clear message - The Delaware River is not for sale to the fracking industry and their web of pipelines! Meeting begins at 12:15 pm at the West Trenton Volunteer Fire Company, West Trenton, N.J.

As I’m writing this invitation I’m grateful to be witnessing a movement being built by your courageous and selfless actions.  While we take time to mourn the loss of life caused by the pipeline over the past few weeks, let’s also celebrate and embrace the opportunity before us to make real, lasting change, for ourselves and for life still to come.

Matt on behalf of Stop The TN Gas Pipeline


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