Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fighting for Cummins Hill

Allies in the struggle against the Tennessee Gas Pipeline from the Energy Action Coalition came to stay with us for a day, and film part of the struggle to prevent clear cutting on Cummins Hill, in Milford, PA.  For a number of days after Gifford Pinchot's tree sit ended, local residents simply stood in the road as a tactic to prevent clear cutting.  This last stand of trees in the pipeline right of way along Cummins Hill was eventually cut after police arrived early in the morning on March 4th, and prevent residents from occupying the side of the road.  The action to stop these trees from being cut was ended, but the fight against the Tennessee Gas Pipeline continues.  Please donate for bail or supplies so we can continue this fight!

Creative Director & Producer: Zakee Kuduro
Executive Producer: Energy Action Coalition


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