Saturday, March 2, 2013

Community March and Rally on Cummins Hill Road


The community rallied today at Crawford Hill, alongside allies from Philadelphia, Bucks and Wayne Counties, PA, and New York and New Jersey.  Approximately 40 people showed up and the march down the road ended in a rally in front of the clear cut, with powerful testimony provided by local residents.  Check back later for video of the residents' speeches!

             tracy speaks2
Above, local resident Tracy Hoffman speaks to the group about the impact the pipeline project will have on her quality of life and the local ecology.  She also spoke to the need for local residents to organize a constant vigil over the part of the pipeline right-of-way that crosses the road.  Two people standing there alone yesterday were able to turn away workers for the day, and today's march had the same effect.  Tracy manages the Save Cummins Hill blog.

              jimmy speaks2
Jim Rapp is mad!  He is a resident of Jackson, NJ who had saved for years to purchase a retirement property in Equinunk, PA.  In the last year, the area has been fracked, and the waters poisoned.  He talked to a realtor about selling the property, and found the the value had plummeted and the property could only be listed as an industrial property.  George's sign shows an idyllic piece of bottom land with the question "Does this look like industrial property?"  Jim says that five waterways come together in the hydrological productive area where his property is located.  Equinunk is a Lenape word translated as "trout waters."

The residents of Cummins Hill understand that their struggle for a say in how their neighborhood is transformed is also connected to the fight for clean energy and a stable global environment.  Wind storms of increasing intensity have blown down wise, old trees throughout the area.  As we marched down Cummins Hill Road, these blowdowns were visible all along the road.

                compressors suck
Jill Lindner came to the protest with her granddaughter from Greensville, NY.  A compressor station is coming to her town, and will threaten her family and community with a fiery and poisoned future.  She is fighting the compressor station in her community, and the pipeline in Milford, PA that will connect all of the infrastructure.  Please donate to the campaign fund!  We are digging in, and this fight is just heating up.


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