Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tree Sit Remains, Tree Cutters Faced with Difficult Tasks Ahead

February 23, 2013

Tree Sit Remains, Tree Cutters Faced with Difficult Tasks Ahead

Alex Lotorto, Pike County, PA Resident 570-269-9589 /
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Milford, PA, February 23 2013 – A 12 p.m. march is still on for today in Milford across the Milford Bridge, from Milford to Montague, across the Delaware River!  Meet at the corner of Broad and Harford.  This will remain on the sidewalks and shoulder of the road and is child/pet friendly.

Pinchot is still in the tree stand as tree crews cut toward him.  No tree crews have showed up on the Pike County side of the clearing project yet this morning, and activists are prepared to call OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) if loggers attempt to complete the steep slope above Cummins Hill Road.  This is where there are about 200 yards of trees left before the road.  Workers have currently cut up to the road, but have not crossed it, and there are two stands of trees left to clear before the road.  Both of these stands are difficult cuts to make.  Many Cummins Hill Rd residents are opposed to this pipeline project.

Milford resident Alex Lotorto says "Having done tree work as a grounds technician and as a union delegate for the IWW, I am first and foremost concerned about these workers' safety.  They are my union brothers and although their job threatens our livelihoods, our highest goal in this campaign is safety for everyone.  I want TGP to treat these contractors with the respect every working person deserves."

These actions are part of a campaign opposing the Tennessee Pipeline in the Delaware River Basin. The direct action campaign is taking place after nearly two years of local political leaders and grassroots opposition in the courts, public comment, and protest.

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