Thursday, February 28, 2013

SATURDAY at Noon! March Down Cummins Hill Road!

On Saturday March 2 at noon there will be a march down Cummins Hill Road, Milford PA starting at Crawford Hill Community (about 1.5 miles up from Rt 6/209) where you can park your car. Along this 1.5 mile downhill march, you will see the area that TGP plans to clear cut, see the beautiful scenic cliffs and EV streams.

The clearcut is currently only 150 feet from the road up the ridge (pictured). We've tied the trees with symbolic yellow ribbons in June and they are still standing - they were meant to be cut in November but have held out and hopefully we will be able to defend them from the chain saws forever. This march will help you understand why we are fighting so hard to protect this significant Milford landmark mountain. Please join us in this march. See for more details and information.

Families with children are encouraged to attend the march. We will have personal vehicles following the march slowly and we are working to arrange a police escort to provide traffic direction. There will be transportation provided back up the hill after the march is finished. See video of our identical march in June here:

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