Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Bird Has Flown, Another Still Roosts

The bird has flown! Alex snuck down the eastern hemlock last night while two police cars with lights flashing and two workers searched the icy slopes of Cummins Hill Rd with flashlights. Gifford Pinchot remains roosting in the tree sit about a half mile up the mountain from yesterday's action. Both tree sitters are safe and without injury, except Alex is really bummed about the sleet and having to come down to eliminate the high risks during the storm without the right gear.

However, we rightly assumed that TGP wouldn't return to the mountain this morning with chainsaws, especially because Alex had been calling the Wilkes Barre office of OSHA all day to report workers falling down without cleats on their feet, which should be provided by TGP. The residents of Cummins Hill Rd, the value of their homes, and their woodland neighbors are all spared another day of clearcutting.

If you'd like to come and support future actions, please call 570-269-9589

- Horace Greeley

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