Thursday, February 14, 2013

NOON ON SUNDAY Direct Action Meeting, Milford PA

MEETING TO PLAN TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE DIRECT ACTION - Alex Lotorto's house just outside Milford, PA, Sunday at noon. Call or text him to RSVP and get the address 570-269-9589

URGENT: Tree clearing will proceed in Milford starting next week. Tennessee just filed their weekly report following FERC's Notice to Proceed that was granted this morning:

"Loop 323, Pike County, Pennsylvania -- Construction of 6.31 miles of a new 30-inch diameter pipeline:
Subject to receipt of the requested Notice to Proceed, it is anticipated that tree felling activities will commence during the next reporting period. An environmental inspector will continue the installation of signage and photo-documentation of the ROW in advance of tree felling activities."

FERC Notice to Proceed:
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. Weekly Status Report:

To TGP, El Paso, and Kinder Morgan representatives who may stumble upon this post, it would be wise to inform your supervisors and shareholders that Pike County people, our friends, and families are prepared to engage in a long term direct action campaign to blockade your attempts to clear your right of way, dredge our creeks, and cross our Delaware River. We are working in concert with activists in northern NJ who will also be engaging in acts of civil disobedience throughout your construction schedule. It's not our intention to injure any worker, ourselves, or any law enforcement officer you may call to remove us. There is no reason to use violence against us. Our goal is to prevent physical harm to any person in addition to our rural heritage here. We advise you this because you've ignored our local leaders and our asks to abandon this project. This is a most unfortunate circumstance, but it is you who brought this situation to a head, not the people who live in the path of your destruction who are standing up for themselves.

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