Wednesday, February 20, 2013

News Round-Up and Update from Alex

Photo Credit, Lenore Fasula
Here are some particularly well done news articles about the Tennessee Pipeline clear cutting and our blockade this week! Thank you to reporters who have come out to our rural county! We welcome all reporters interested in this story to contact Milford residents Alex Lotorto at 570-269-9589 or Jolie DeFeis at 917-514-0824. We will be away from our desks for the better part of the upcoming days, out standing in our field, so to speak. Please excuse our e-mail availability or lack there of. Also, there is a lot of as-of-yet unreported content in our About page, so please consider adding that.

In particular, the Delaware State Forest gate is the access road that Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. requires in order to clear cut and dredge their way through (Gifford) Pinchot Brook's headwater wetland, a designated core habitat for endangered species by the State of Pennsylvania. In the Pike County 2011 PNDI, the headwaters of Pinchot Brook and neighboring Dimmick Meadow Brook have management recommendations that include not cutting trees within 100 meters of the wetland.

Gifford Pinchot is widely known as the "Father of the American Conservation Movement", was probably the best governor Pennsylvania has ever had, founder of the Yale School of Forestry in Milfod, friend of John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, and was the first head of the US Department of Forestry under President Teddy Roosevelt. The creek winds its way through his homestead property forming Pinchot Falls, where I've visited since I field tripped to it in middle school. Gifford Pinchot's wife, Cornelia, was a suffragette and advocate for women's rights. The Pinchot home is gorgeous mansion named Grey Towers minutes away from the blockade that is now a federal historic site, open to the public.

Gifford advocated not depleting the natural resources that sustain us in response the abuses of the timber barons. In Pike County, tourism, real estate, and recreation are our top economic engines and the industrialization of our landscape for natural gas infrastructure is a major threat to the livelihoods of the people here for the benefit of Kinder Morgan shareholders and politicians in Washington. If Gifford and Cornelia were alive today, I'm sure they would be joining us, opposing the exploitation of rural NE PA as a resource colony.


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