Thursday, February 21, 2013

Morning Day 4

Alert! Loggers cutting dangerously close to tree sitter.
Several residents from near Cummins Hill Road sent out an alert this morning. They were concerned to see workers walking from the road with chainsaws and fuel. Workers are now deeper in woods. It seems they are trying to clear cut on either side of Gifford Pinchot's tree sit.  It is legal to park on Cummins Hill Road and stay within 25 feet of the road.
We ask that folks who want to head to Cummins Hill Road to stage a protest wear bright colors for safety.
The scenic view of Cummins Hill is ecologically and economically important.  The area is a boon to local realestate, tourism and recreation.
Towards the base of the Hill is a bald eagle nest, home to a nesting pair who are currently migrating south. They will most likely return in the spring.  If cutting is halted until then regulation will require that it cease upon their return.

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