Monday, February 18, 2013

Local Residents Deploy President's Day Actions and Civil Disobedience to Stop Tennessee Pipeline Construction

MILFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Early this morning, two local youth engaged in civil disobedience by locking themselves through the Delaware State Forest gate that is being used by pipeline workers to clear cut trees for the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Upgrade construction.

Allison Petryk, of Vernon, NJ and Alex Lotorto, of Milford, PA plan to remain at the gate at the end of Schocopee Road throughout the work day to prevent access by tree clearing crews. Tree clearing began on Friday within twenty four hours of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Notice to Proceed.

At 10AM, residents from throughout the impacted area of Pennsylvania and New Jersey will rally at George Feighner's home across from Milford in Montague, NJ. Mr. Feighner is 86-years old and had his property eminent dominated by FERC's decision as he remains in legal appeals. Tree clearing up to his home commenced on Friday morning.
The new Loop 323 is meant to add more volume to the Tennessee Pipeline system to service Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling using the controversial "fracking" method and, most likely, new gas-fired power plants or gas exports. Loop 323 will stretch from Milford to Vernon as additional pipeline loops continue to be constructed elsewhere to the east and west.

Other than judges, the final decision to stop the clear cutting and open a new review lies with the voting members of the Delaware River Basin Commission. Members include Democrat President Obama who, in his State of the Union Address, stated that his "administration will keep cutting red tape and speeding up new oil and gas permits." In order to force President Obama to make good on his promise, the reinforced PVC pipe lockbox is wrapped in red ribbon, which the police would inevitably cut to remove the blockaders and arrest them. All FERC commissioners have been either appointed or re-appointed by President Obama.

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Media Liaison for "Stop The Tennessee Pipeline!" campaign

Alex Lotorto
Pike County Resident

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