Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DRBC – The Last Hope To Prevent Tennessee Gas Pipeline's Northeast Upgrade

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Call Them, Fax Them, Email Them Today  

DRBC has now admitted they were wrong on other up river pipelines – they should have done a review of the cut through the forests and parks before the project ever happened.  They didn’t.  So now they are going back to take a second look.  Because those are already in, all that can be done is to try to undo some of the tremendous damage done.

But the DRBC still has a chance to do that review on the Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Northeast Upgrade Project (TGP NEUP) before the damage is done, and finding a way to avoid it, rather than apologizing after the fact. 

DRBC has the authority, right and we believe the obligation to reopen the very limited water withdrawal docket they issued for the TGP NEUP and require a cumulative analysis and public hearing before a docket and the project can go final. 

They are choosing not to do so. We need to act to make them change their minds. 

Call; Email; and Fax the DRBC -- tell them: 
  • They got it wrong on TGP NEUP. 
  • They KNOW they must review and regulate this pipeline’s cut through the forests and parks, so do it NOW, before the cutting begins. 
  • Demand the DRBC reopen the TGP NEUP docket, do a cumulative review, and hold a public hearing, before allowing the docket and project to go final and cut its path through our communities, forests, creeks and wetlands. 
If you live, work or enjoy the upper Delaware, or any portion of the Delaware River, you will be affected by this decision. If you one day find yourself in the path of a pipeline like folks in the counties of: 
--> Berks, Chester, Schuylkill, Monroe, Wayne, Pike, PA; 
--> Hunterdon, Sussex, NJ; 
--> New Castle, Kent, DE; 
--> Broome, Delaware, NY. 
You will be affected by what happens with this pipeline today. 

If you enjoy or benefit from any of the resources of the Delaware River watershed, this decision today matters. 

Email: carol.collier@drbc.state.nj.us 
Be sure to copy your email to the Commissioners: 

Phone the DRBC at: 609 883 9500 – you have to wait to the end of the voice message and then select 0 for the operator to leave a message. It’s a pain but worth the wait to send your message personally and directly. 

If you want to make a second phone call then call Lt. Col. Becking of the Army Corps, he is President Obama’s representative at the DRBC. 215 656 6502 

Fax: your DRBC letter to 609 883 9522 Or send your email through our website we will be sure they all get your communication too.
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